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Official Rubric

Post by Zero on Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:53 pm

I Used... VS ...(Testee)

-Number of Cards ?/4
42-40 = 4/4
43-44= 2/4
45+= 0/4 1/4- with good reason.

-Deck Construction: /10
The layout of the deck, take out points if its just another net-deck.

-Concentration: /15
Were they focused? did they misplay did they question an effect and were wrong about it?

-Combos:? /10
Did they pull of combos, did they summon what they needed to?

-Consistency /5
Did they pull cards they needed often, where they able to get good cards often.

-Good use of cards: /12
Comment on your judgment

-Control:  /15
Was the testee able to take control of the field and the duel?

-Counters /9
where they able to counter your plays, did they stop anything that you did? (

-Siding /4
Sided 4/4
small side 2/4
No side 0/4

Rulings: (take a point away for each mistake made) /10

Result of the match: ?/6

2-0 testee vs tester 6/6
1-1 testee vs tester 3/6
0-2 testee vs tester 0/6

2 Duel Match Ups


0-70% Slifer Red
71-85% = RA Yellow
86-95%= Obelisk Blue
96%+ = Gladiator Green


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