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making a card game

Post by kingcrab on Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:00 pm

by the title, you can tell what ima talk about. I'm making a card game, but there is a catch. It is not about battling. The storyline is that the Earth has been devastated and the humans decide they will do it right this time. The form a board headed by Tebuka Suzuki, a genetically altered supergenius in his teens. He creates a program in which you choose a hundred important people from history that would alone make a great world so he can reprogram people's minds to that of which has been decided. He holds a tournament of committee members each creating their own list of a hundred people and seeing whose is the best culturally.
A deck consists of one-hundred different cards. Each card represents a figure from history or from mythology or religion(no movie/book characters). The men are represented as colorful morph suits reflecting what they accomplished while everything else is represented as a mech-like being. Each card has a level that is printed twice, one for both sides of the name which appears on a flag toward the bottom of the card. They also have a colored circle with a number in it. The color represents what they pertain to while the number shows how much they attribute to your final score. The effect of a card is below that, activating when it is played.
two or more people with decks pull one lvl1 character from their deck onto the field(it's effect will activate) and draw 3 cards. the player going first draws and begins the game. You draw 2 cards to begin your turn instead of one. The game would be an easy half hour of boredom if you only drew one at a time. basically, you overlay characters in your hand on top of characters a rank below on the field(the characters below stay on the field and count as "on the field" but are inactive). You can place as many lvl1 characters down for free as you want. a lvl1 character can not be leveled up the turn it is played and each pile can only be stacked on once per turn. It is likely you will do several things in a turn unless the game is almost over. That is when one player runs out of cards. when the game is over, you add the numbers of all your active characters(this is your culture point total) and compare scores. The player with the higher score wins and gets the bragging rights of "the king" until he/she loses.

There are two things I'm asking:
Would you play this if it was a real cardgame
and what are 50 important people who should be included in the first set(I'm not doing jesus yet)
They can be: philosophers(light blue circles)
Rulers/conquerors/revolution civil leaders(orange circles)
Explorers(brown circles)
Authors(pink circle)
Inventors/nonphilosopher scientists(gray circle)
mythological figures or monsters(green circles)
Religious characters or Gods(yellow circles)
famous criminals(purple circles)
Entertainers(blue circles)


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